Louis Siciliano and MUMEx Trio: the Sound of Being

February 02 10:13 2022
Louis Siciliano and MUMEx Trio: the Sound of Being
Louis Siciliano & MUMEx Trio “FOLD OF TIME” (Musica Presente Records)
In the Universe, or what we shall now call the Multiverse, there are forces acting at different levels which then merge into what the ancient people called LOGOS. These forces are a type of dynamics. (Music Multiverse Exploration – a book by Louis Siciliano)

Louis Siciliano took the initiatory name of ::ALUEI::, he changed his name as a sign of a rebirth to a new artistic life, in fact, he abandoned the creation of soundtracks (where he was a personality having composed many music for important films), to concentrate on a very personal and very deep research on sound, cosmic and absolute. 

::ALUEI:: is now asleep and Louis Siciliano starts again with a new level of awareness where pure sound is at the center of life.

In the album FOLDS OF TIME (Musica Presente Records) there are no references to other arts, it is genuine in its being in a purely sonorous way, without subtexts, references to images and words. It is a pure way that it refers to an inner need, from the concrete sound to the subtle planes of Being.

The approach to this way of living and making music is totally holistic, we can hear it well in this extraordinary performance in which Louis Siciliano plays together with faithful companions on an original journey of life and art. Two great musicians such as Roberto Bellatalla on double bass and Mauro Salvatore on drums, who are great not only for their technical skill, which in certain passages bordering on virtuosity (never an end in itself but functional to what one wants communicate), great especially because they use double bass and drums as instruments for create something profound, in search of a full, abysmal and boundless sound. Roberto Bellatalla is fundamental in its melodic/harmonic/structural contribution, while Mauro Salvatore is so for the realization of the metric-rhythmic intertwining, contributions and plots that are not only musical but also existential.

The music of the MUMEx Trio is supported by the enthusiasm of those who are looking for something important, not only by performing it but by participating in it, by letting oneself be carried away by the sound.

We can well perceive how the three musicians find themselves marvelously in their amazing composition in real time, in continuous mutual listening, an empathy that is communicated to the public. It is the ethos of listening.

The sounds move like leaves in the wind. Technical knowledge is evident, after all it is necessary for such rich and advanced music, but it is not enough for communication, vibrant, resounding with moods and throbbing with life.

The music is gushing and at the same time springy, to the search for an auroral sound, which captures in the uninterrupted flow, the presentation of sounds gradually, the three artists abandon themselves to them, playing what is outlined in playing.

The work is a Being on the way.

For Louis Siciliano and his Mumex Trio, performance is a ritual, it takes place in a sacred, unlimited and free, arcane and mysterious time. Mystery and mysticism that lead us to that enigma that each of us is for himself. Linguistically impracticable existential secret that only sound, in its ethereal purity and in its excess of everyday life, can approach. The cascade of sounds of the Mumex Trio creates an ecstasy that is the suspension of ordinary experience and presents itself as an authentic possibility, as a vocation and destiny.

The ecstatic tempo causes the music to transcend itself, for the musical text to become revealing, that is, it expresses more than it says verbatim. The performance arises on several levels, it is necessary to listen beyond the first stage that would place it in the context of a particular jazz performance to grasp the truest expression, the one that achieves a lunge (Adorno would say) in the ived and in existence, capturing the sound of Being. 

This music takes us to a distant world and yet captures many aspects of the present starting precisely with some jazz elements, of contemporary jazz in particular, complex polymetries and rhythms that unfold like a sort of sound spiral. After all, resorting to jazz styles is also a way to bring the public closer.

Using jazz as an intermediary, after all, the conception of Mumex is not far from the jazz one, in a broad sense. Important to understand the music, culture and life of Louis Siciliano is his book MUSIC MULTIVERSE EXPLORATION (aka MUMEx, 2018), with the explicit subtitle “A New Cosmology of Sound”, a very personal and learned excavation work in search of the “right sound” (Monteverdi).

There is not only jazz, you can hear inflections of Indian, Persian and African music, it should be remembered that Louis Siciliano has embraced many ideas and practices of Classical and Global music (he plays many instruments from different cultures of the World). 

The parts that make up this project must be understood without interruption, although each has characterizing traits, but the idea that underlies the whole is that of a Sound Journey that becomes an existential journey. 

There is no pre-established form, only referring to an almost biological general conception for which the musical process inseparably binds together form/life/nature (concept of living form similar to that developed by Gœthe and Schiller over the years of their correspondence). 

Sound constitutes the DNA of this living spiral and flows naturally and fluently in search of the essence of Being.

FOLDS OF TIME (Musica Presente Records) by Louis Siciliano and MUMEx Trio will be released on Spotify and all Digital Music streaming services around the World from February 2th. 2022. (Dr. RENZO CRESTI)

Look and listen the high relotuion video-album: https://youtu.be/qkEPdMvq-0k





Music composed by Louis Siciliano

Produced by Gianluca Colantoni and Louis Siciliano

Copyright: Magic&Unique Music Publishing 2022

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